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Behaviour change communication services

A cutting-edge SBCC service that influences through innovative ideas, which are founded on deep insights and intuitive behavioural science.

Presentation designing and production

Designing and production services that makes presentations more professional, customised to organisation branding and its messages more impactful.

Quantitative and qualitative research

Research that delivers better insights on what people do, why, how and when they do what they do, to enable our clients make smarter decisions.

Corporate communications, online and traditional media

Corporate communication services with proven track record to amplify your profile with external and internal stakeholders and build your reputation.

Shared office for social sector consultants

Rethink Work provides wandering social sector nomads with laptops and local professionals a space to connect, communicate and collaborate in a shared environment.

Documentation and desktop publishing

Documentation services that go beyond writing. Get editing, proof reading, translation, document designing and production planning, all under one roof.


Training software and hardware development

A suite of high quality training processes that are developed by subject matter experts to help organizations improve competence and realize measurable value.

Conference and workshop management

From sourcing the right venue, to creation and development to on the day management of the event, RelEvent can help with as much or as little as you need!

Strategy and execution support for non-profits

Zhanlue supports NGOs in mastering Strategy Execution Gap by helping organisations move from the obsolete “Plan-then-Do” approach to “Decide-Do-Refine-Do” approach.

Our Journey

In 2015, Auriga made a humble beginning when we performed a translation work for a USAID project in India, but our primary focus was providing non-profits in India with better tools and information to serve their communities. By turn of 2019, Auriga had worked in 19 distinct geographies in South Asia, with around 22 international and national NGOs working health, nutrition and WASH in India and in Bangladesh.

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Looking for better results?

We can help you. We are a trusted partner to many leading international NGOs. Call us or write to us.

Founders of Auriga


KG Venkateswaran

Co-founder and Director

Hi! My name is KG Venkateswaran. I love crafting creative solutions that can help my clients improve their engagement with their stakeholders. Drop me a quick email at venkat@aurigacams.com to tell me how I can help you!


Sucheta Bedi

Co-founder and Director

Hello! I am Sucheta Bedi. My philosophy is simple – Auriga is like a home and everyone is family! I give them the same care, affection and respect as I give to my family. Drop me an email at sucheta@aurigacams.com with your queries.


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AURIGA CAMS - Gurgaon - Social Sector Advisory
Auriga in Latin means a charioteer. Auriga in India means the social sector advisory firm that provides cutting edge and sustainable solutions to its clients.
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